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family dentistry

To most people family dentistry means general dentistry – simply the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disorders associated with the teeth, gums, mouth, face, and neck.

At our practice, family dentistry means so much more. The atmosphere is warm and friendly. Your comfort is our number one concern. Our staff is well established, and many members of our team have been with us for 20 years or more. You know us, we know you and we know your medical history. We take time to explain insurance forms and discuss financing so that you are able to obtain the dental care you need. Scheduling multiple appointments is easy and convenient. We are sensitive to the needs of our nervous patients when it comes to dental procedures and we’ll discuss a variety of options to help ease their anxieties.

At our practice, family dentistry means that we treat our patients like family, and family. At our practice, family dentistry means trust.

One of the nice aspects of running a family dental office is that our family keeps growing. Those smallest, newest patients are some of our favorites!

We recommend that you bring your child for a first dental visit at about two-and-a-half to three years of age. (We will of course happily see him or her earlier if they have dental concerns.) We take time to get to know your child at that first visit, and establish a trusting relationship so that the little one will feel relaxed at future appointments – unafraid, and able to easily confide in the doctor and staff.

We’ll introduce your child to our team, give a ride on the chair, and show some of the tools we use to keep our patients healthy. If your child is comfortable with it, we’ll gently polish the teeth. Then, we’ll begin regular appointments in six months, for full examinations, cleanings, education on oral hygiene, and treatment, as needed.

Trust your oral health and the health of the people you love the most to Douglas Harty DDS PC and Dr. Sherri Wilson. To us, you are more than customers – you are family.

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