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teeth whitening

Are you embarrassed by dark stains on your teeth? Or maybe you just want whiter teeth? Teeth whitening from Douglas Harty DDS PC and Wilson will make you want to smile again!

A variety of factors can cause teeth to become dingy and discolored:

  • Smoking

  • Tea

  • Coffee

  • Red wine

  • Negligent home care

  • Heredity

  • Medications

But now an attractive, white smile is easier to attain than ever before. We use the professional KöR deep bleaching system for the safest, most comfortable whitening results possible.

We'll start by making impressions of your upper and lower teeth to design custom-fit trays for your mouth. These trays seal well and fit comfortably. We'll send you home with syringes of bleaching gel, which you place into the trays for whitening.

Most patients prefer to wear the trays at night, for the longest exposure and the whitest smile, quickly. Treatment time is generally two-to-three weeks, but can be a little longer for stubborn stains or shorter daily exposure. You'll begin to see improvement right away, though.

We'll see you after two weeks to evaluate your whitening program; monitoring your results and your comfort level. Of course, with whitening as with any of your dental concerns, you may call anytime. We are very accessible and ready to answer your questions.

Over-the-counter teeth whitening products are available, but they are messy and less effective than KöR. And you won't have a professional's watchful eye to make sure your teeth and gums are safe throughout the process.

Since any whitening program can cause temporary tooth sensitivity, the KöR system includes a desensitizing agent that is brushed onto the teeth and gums to minimize potential discomfort.

Gentle teeth whitening under the care of Douglas Harty DDS PC and Dr. Wilson delivers safe, comfortable, long-lasting results. With a brilliant smile, you'll enjoy talking and laughing with confidence in social and business situations.

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